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LALLEY Launches Industrial Product Sales...
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LALLEY launches Wagenbrenner Development web site

Tuesday, June 19, 2012 - lalleyadmin
LALLEY Launches new Wagenbrenner Development web site:

"Wagenbrenner Development specializes in acquiring underutilized and abandoned properties and redeveloping them to their highest and best use, thus restoring vacant spaces to places of pride. Utilizing a proven mix of community engagement, creative partnerships, creative financing, and sound capital management, Wagenbrenner develops quality real estate projects that become true community assets.

At Wagenbrenner, we are uniquely adept at engaging projects where others walk away and creating possibilities where others see none. Since 2003, Wagenbrenner has successfully partnered with the State of Ohio’s Clean Ohio Fund on nine separate occasions for state grants totaling approximately $26.5 million. These grant dollars have been used to both acquire and pay for the environmental remediation costs on sites that Wagenbrenner felt had great redevelopment potential.

Privately held, the principals of Wagenbrenner are experienced in a wide range of real estate development activities including residential, industrial, office, retail, mixed-use as well as operating a limited-service real estate brokerage firm."


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