LALLEY Launches Industrial Product Sales...
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LALLEY Launches Industrial Product Sales...
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LALLEY Launches Industrial Product Sales

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 - lalleyadmin
In partnership with Ballengee Creative, LALLEY launches the new, rebranded Industrial Product Sales web site:

"PS represents manufacturers that produce make-to-print components – for markets ranging from heavy duty truck and motorcycles, to automotive and appliances, to diesel engines and lawn and garden. But our level of service goes much deeper than that.

We’re independent, so our principals and customers know we represent their best interests and seek the best solutions for everyone involved. We only represent a handful of strategically selected principals – technology-driven domestic manufacturers who are financially strong. And we excel at multi-line selling – so our principals benefit from additional opportunities to sell their products, and our customers save time and enjoy the convenience of our single-source service.

Even more important, we’ve been hands-on since we opened our doors in 1947 – meeting with our customers regularly and collaborating to make sure projects keep moving smoothly. After connecting a customer with a principal, whose capabilities perfectly suit their needs, we work as a program manager for both – ensuring that everyone enjoys a positive experience. And our involvement lasts the entire project, because we believe in seeing the sales process through from beginning to end. "

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