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LALLEY Launches Industrial Product Sales...
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LALLEY in partnership with Ballengee Creative launch new Callard web site

Thursday, January 24, 2013 - lalleyadmin
With a fresh new design and messaging, Ballengee Creative has elevated Callard's web presence. This coupled with the power and ease of use in the LALLEY content management platform creates a solid solution for Callard:

"We're going to make your life easier.

Who wants to coordinate all the pieces and parts in sourcing, kitting, packaging, shipping and reordering?
We do! (So you don't have to.)

We're going to make you look good.
We'll use our knowledge and creativity to find the fun products and big ideas that make you shine.

We're going to treat you right.
Our process is collaborative and seamless. Our dedicated team will service you from start to finish.

We are Callard.
We love what we do and the people we do it with. We're commited, creative and we can't wait to get to work every morning.
In short, get ready to have your socks knocked off. You know... the ones we put your logo on."


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