The LALLEY Framework

Web technology has evolved rapidly in the fifteen years that we have been creating web sites and applications. It wasn't long ago when the idea that web sites could offer more than just content and "brochure-ware" online seemed daunting and costly. Thankfully, that has all changed.

Enter The LALLEY Framework – an amazing suite of technology tools that makes enterprise web application implementation fast and effective. The best part is how much easier it is for your business to get work done... Technology should be a tool that enhances your business! Our affordable suite of powerful and easy-to-use tools allows you to take care of business without distraction.

The LALLEY Framework is more than mere technology. It's a methodology. We like to compare our various solutions to building blocks that click together at the right time and with the right fit... just when your business needs it. The LALLEY Framework is the bedrock of all our tools, solutions, applications and products. Part of what makes this foundation so powerful is that it affords ongoing, custom development tailored to your business.

Take control of your Web:

  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Ubiquitous system requirements
  • Best-of-Breed "Web 2.0" technology
  • Extremely efficient code
  • Reduced overhead requirements
  • Significant infrastructure cost savings
  • Client-friendly licensing and development practices
  • Minimal or no IT involvement

Contact Lalley for a demonstration, or check out some of our products...

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