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Easy email marketing tools for the Consultant and the Direct Selling Organization

Our new email marketing tool is designed for the direct selling organization market. It’s fun, easy and flexible. Our extensive experience working with direct selling organizations has given us valuable insight. It's our pleasure to present DirectSellMail.com! The tool that gives field consultants the power and features they need to grow their business, build meaningful contact lists, increase sales, and solidify the direct selling organization's brand.

For the consultant:

Build and manage custom contact lists. Consultants can organize contacts however they wish. Information stored in lists can also be as little or as much as the consultant feels is necessary for how they like to work.

Custom or template emails sent to any and all contact lists. Consultants are free to build their own emails or pick from template emails provided by the direct selling organization. They have the option to email to any or all contact lists they've created.

Opt - in/out feature for contact lists. Empower the consultant and give them complete control over their contact lists: consultants have the ability to opt in or out of the direct selling organizations email marketing campaigns.

Meaningful email activity reports. The real power in any email marketing campaign is the ability to gain meaningful insight into how customers react to the emails. DirectSellMail.com offers granular information that is timely and relevant so the consultant knows who opened the email and what links the customer followed. Consultants can better analyze top prospects for follow-up.

For the direct selling organization:

Marketing direct to consumers safely and with trust. Consultants are concerned with privacy. So how can the direct selling organization market directly to the consumer while still maintaining the integrity and trust of the relationship with the consultant? With DirectSellMail.com, the consultant has the ability to maintain control of their customer's data while still allowing the direct selling organization a direct path to market to consumer via the opt-in option.

Offload email traffic overhead. Direct selling organizations have enough to deal with in today's economic climate without having to worry about issues such as can-spam compliance, email network infrastructure, and email traffic strains on corporate networks. LALLEY handles this for your business.

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