Headquartered in Dublin, Ohio; LALLEY is a team of bright, motivated people who are passionate about technology and how it can make your business ideas and processes work better. We’re proud of our ability to offer strong technology solutions to strengthen your organization's vision, mission, and goals. We truly believe that people are the best asset in any organization and strive to offer technology solutions that enhance productivity, effectiveness, and processes.

We utilize "virtual office" technologies as much as possible. This helps us in our goal of being efficient, competitive and green. LALLEY’s full-time staff works with contract and consultant resources so that each project is developed using a streamlined team of appropriate talent. Our clients enjoy the best in service and flexibility at a significant cost savings.

LALLEY has been offering compelling, competitive, and forward thinking IT and Web solutions since 1995. Lalley & Associates was founded by Lloyd Alley and was reincorporated as LALLEY Technology, Inc. in 2003. Throughout the years LALLEY has been an adaptive and responsive company focusing on offering the best possible solutions while leveraging the latest advances in technology and best practices. Our growing client list includes Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies.


We take great pride in our track record and experience in working with an organization's internal departments as well as its outside consultants and support groups. We don't view other firms and consultants as competition but rather as additional resources and an extension of our team to get projects done quickly and done right. We are confident our clients will be pleased and at ease when they know LALLEY is part of a project or aspect of their business. We know their partners will feel the same way!

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